BOOKMAKER.ME’s Privacy Policy Terms

BOOKMAKER.ME’s privacy policy terms are only applicable on BOOKMAKER.ME only and not the external third party websites that it can link to. Users who click on the links that BOOKMAKER.ME provides are entering these websites on their own responsibility. BOOKMAKER.ME will not be held responsible for the privacy of the visitors’ information and data once they head to external websites.

All of the data that BOOKMAKER.ME will collect and gather will be collected after the approval of the user and under his consent as BOOKMAKER.ME will never data mine or gather personal information without the approval and the knowledge of the user. This information that BOOKMAKER.ME will gather will only be collected in order to provide users with the technical support that they may need as well as guaranteeing the delivery of series and products.

Users who do not want to provide BOOKMAKER.ME with any personal information are free to do so but they will browse the website as visitors and they will be unable to use certain services or become a part of our website community.

The kind of info that BOOKMAKER.ME would need includes physical address, email address, full name, cell phone number to mention a few. BOOKMAKER.ME will gather this info through the registration form that users will ask to fill in order to create an account or through the regularly held polls and surveys.

At any given time, users who wish to delete any of the data that they have already provided will be able to do so. They will just need to get in touch with contact support to alter, delete or update their personal information that they have once provided to us. All of the personal information provided are protected and safeguarded by state of the art encryption systems.