Bet365 Bookmaker Review

Bet 365 Sports Betting Review

Sign Up Process

Signing up, and using, Bet 365 is a very easy process. In order to sign up, one has to fill out a standard sign up sheet. A deposit of a certain amount must then be put into the account. After the deposit is made the customer will receive their bonus and the betting can begin. Bonus Offered to UK when users in the UK sign up, they are offered a certain amount of free bets. More information on bonuses can be found on Bet365’s website.

Betting Options

There are a very wide range of bets available with Bet 365. Not only can customers place, sporting bets, they can also place novelty bets. Live betting is also a large feature of Bet 365. Bet 365 is one of the only websites that has a large collection of sports to bet on. Some of the sports that can be bet on include, but are not limited to, American Football, rugby, snooker, soccer, volleyball, winter sports, basketball, and horse racing.

Betting Odds

The odds on Bet 365 are normally very high. The odds are a lot faster compared to any other bookmaker. The odds are normally put in about five to six days before the actual event.

Customer Support

If there is a problem, customers can get assistance by using the online chat feature of calling the customer support. Customer support can also be reached by faxing or posting something to the company. The staff of Bet 365 is known to be very professional when dealing with complaints from customers.