Ladbrokes Bookmaker Review

Ladbroke’s is a full casino that has many games available for play. The company has been around for many years, and it’s a premier company when it comes to gambling. Sports betting is a staple in the company, and many choose Ladbrokes as their go to place, for online sports betting. There is an extensive amount of sports that bettors can choose from, whether they are American sports, or sports and other countries. Ladbrokes is only available to those in certain countries, and one must create an account, prior to being able to access any of the features on the website.

Those who are placing sports bets, can watch one of the many games that are available every day, as well as bet on a game that they choose. One of the best features of Ladbrokes, is the live sports betting. A bettor can bet on a game that is currently playing. The In-Play feature allows a bettor to place a bet on a game that is currently being played, giving them better chances of determining a winner. There are thousands of games that are live streamed through the website every year.

Statistics for games are listed right on the website. With all the information available in the Ladbrokes sports betting section, it’s easier for a bettor to determine what game to bet on, and how much to bet. Ladbrokes is a trustworthy company with a very powerful name, and they are the first choice of many, who like to bet on sports, as well as other platforms.

Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile betting is available through Ladbrokes, and the bettor can use their cell phone or tablet. Mobile betting is very convenient for the bettor, especially since they can bet anywhere they have internet access. The person placing a bet must first determine the game they want to bet on, they can check on the odds, and then a bet can be placed. Those using a cell phone can easily text in their bet, or they can instead choose to use their tablet to place their bets. Mobile sports betting has become extremely popular on Ladbrokes, and it doesn’t require one to sit at their PC to place bets.


Those who are new to Ladbrokes sports betting can take advantage of certain bonuses. One such bonus is €25 in free bets. Another bonus is the “Best Odds Guarantee.” Each bonus is available in the sports betting section only, and are subject to terms and conditions, which is stated on the website.

Location And License

Ladbrokes Betting and Gaming LTD. is a UK based company that has over 14,000 employees. They have a rich history in taking bets, and they are well known throughout the UK. The company currently holds license no. 1611, and the company is regulated by the British Gambling Commission. Since Ladbrokes has other sources of gambling, they have several licenses to cover their other games as well.

Customer Service

Ladbrokes has amazing customer service available through telephone, email or mail. There are several phone numbers available for those who want to call, and have their problems solved quickly.


Yes, there are many online gaming websites out there, but Ladbrokes has a long history in gaming and taking bets. With their honesty, prosperity, and the fact that they take care of their customers, they are highly recommended when it comes to sports betting. With all the games to choose from on the Ladbrokes website, anyone looking for any type of game, can easily find what they want.