Terms of Service

The terms in this document can be subject to alteration and removal without any prior notice to the users and visitors of BOOKMAKER. BOOKMAKER can also introduce new entries to the page without notifying the users before or after it happens.

All of the content, whether interactive or non interactive that is offered at BOOKMAKER can be changed, altered, edited or removed at any time without the knowledge of the users. All of the content including text, images or any media files are subjected to the Terms of Service unless stated otherwise.

We do not utilize cookies but we can’t say the same for any websites that we suggest or offer links to. This is because we are not responsible for the actions, the privacy policies and the terms of service of these external websites. Users who choose to click on the links in order to access these websites are entering them at their own discretion and will as BOOKMAKER is not responsible for their use of cookies or their security measures.

BOOKMAKER offers its users plenty of resources that are offered to them to aid them in their research purposes and they can be changed at any given time. BOOKMAKER will also accept payments from websites such as casinos in exchange of advertising spaces or for publishing content including but not exclusive to reviews.

It is the responsibility of the visitors to check their state law and regulation before entering BOOKMAKER as BOOKMAKER.ME will not be held accountable for breaking any laws if a user chooses to enter the website if it is illegal in his or her country.

Lastly, users who access the website and utilize any of its services, whether interactive or not, means that they consent to the terms of services in this page and the terms of the privacy policy as well.